Who are you? I'm Daniel Kjellin

What do you do for a living? I write software for a living, and fiction for my own amusement.

How old are you? More years than I like to admit, more than thirty, less than forty (for now)

Where do you live? In the mountains west of Sydney, Australia.

So you are Australian? No, I was born and raised in the far north of the world, Sweden to be precise.

Have you've got a partner? I am happily married to Jessica, for many years.

Kids? Yes, two at the moment.

Favourite music? Metal, Gamma ray tends to be my go-to band.

Do you use any social media? Yes, I am StaticThings on Twitter and daik on flickr

Since you like to write, have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo? Yes! I have participated many years, and won many (if not all) of the times. As can be seen by the winner badges below.