Feb 13, 2013 Posted by: Daniel

I'm looking for beta readers to help give some early feedback on my stories.

What are beta readers?

Just like beta testers of software a beta reader gets access to a story before it is final. A beta reader reads the story and gives thoughts on the story. The thoughts are of course very personal but any insight offered is very valuable to the author.

What are beta readers NOT?

Editors, as a beta reader you are not expected to pick up every spelling problem or grammatical error. It is of course greatly appreciated for any error that is picked up. Your job however is to read the story and essentially say what you like, or do not like. What works and what does not, all in your opinion.

What genre do you write in

Mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy but I have a few other stories coming up that may fall outside of that. If you do not like a genre it is a good idea to say so when we start talking about beta reading.

What is in it for me?

Recognition in the book, and if your insights are particularly valuable there could be greater incentives involved. If you are an author yourself and would like my input on your stories I'm happy to do so.

So I get these books for free? All I have to do is write back with what I thought?

That is correct! You get early access to books that others will have to pay for. In return all you have to do is tell me what you liked and what you did not like.

 How do I sign up?

Contact me through any of the usual ways. Twitter if you're a twitter user, e-mail if you prefer. I will need your e-mail address at some point but rest assured it will not be entered into any form of online database, rather I will keep it private and would not dream of sharing it with anyone.

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