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First girl on the moon

Sanna was nervous, well not really nervous she corrected herself. Just tense, she couldn't really understand why she was so tense. She had been in space several times before, last time she was in space was just last month, 25th of april 2060. She would never forget that date. Her space suit came into a spin, and she was very close to a certain death. It was all those years of training that finally saved her. Maybe that was the reason she was so tense. 
-Would you like something from our in-flight bar mam? The stewardess asked with a sweet voice. She was, of course, dressed in the airline's uniform with white on light blue. The only thing that struck Sanna as odd was the fact that the cloth seemed to be made for her. She dressed extremely well in the colors and that kind of cloth.
-Yes please, give me a glass of orange juice, and a Times please.
-Coming right up mam, the girl replied. 
It seemed strange to be called 'mam' by someone just a few years younger, but the uniform makes people polite. Sanna hated that. Why couldn't people be nice to her when they didn't know who she was or where she worked? 
She worked, of course, at PSA, the Planetery Space Agency. It had a very short history. Sanna couldn't understand why it had taken mankind so long to form such an organization. Probably because the world was run by stupid men, or well maybe not stupid, but just not practical. Just 60 years ago there had been NASA, ESA and a few other organizations doing basically the same thing. So in 2030 they decided that they would be much more efficient and better suited to handle the enormous costs the exploration of space brought with it if they worked together. And PSA was born. One big change was the fact that all Spaceonauts got a uniform that they should wear on formal occasions. This uniform always filled people with awe. The seat next to Sanna was empty. No one had dared to occupy it since there was an experienced Spaceonaut there. The public often thought that space made people go mad. Even if it hadn't happened yet it was bound to happen. 
-There you go mam, the young stewardess said  as she handed over a large glass of orange juice and Times Magaizne. She seemed to hesitate as she backed out into the aisle. She turned to walk away but then she seemed to be dragged back and she sat down beside Sanna.
-How is it? In space I mean, is it true that you can see Chicago airport from space? Is it true that you can jump 10 ft on the moon?, she went on, there seemed to be no end of the questions and Sanna allowed herself to smile before she put down Times and turned to answer the girl.
-Space? It's vast, enormous, breathtaking. Why are you so concerned about it?
-Sorry to bother you mam, the girl seemed to suddenly remember who she was and where they were.
-It's ok, it's nice to have someone to talk to, Sanna smiled again a very disarming smile, if that girl had instead been a boy he would have fallen in love directly. 
-I want to become a Spaceonaut, I want to be the first human to set her for on Europa, or Triton for that sake. 
Sanna lauged and quoted the now so very clasic phrase, 
-To boldly go where no man has gone before.
They both laughed as they realized how well the words described  what they felt.
-Why not just sign up then? PSA has a reqruting center in every major city, Sanna said in an off hand manner.
The young girl was obviously not prepared for that simple answer, she began making up excuses. She pardoned herself and stepped back out into the aisle. Again Sanna was on her own. She really hated that uniform, she longed for the moment she would arrive at the hotel and she could take it off. Even though she really should be proud of the dark blue uniform since she had several medals on it. The PSA uniforms were all colour coded, dark blue was for Spaceonaut first degree.
The rest of the flight went smooth, the vacant seat, of course, remained vacant. It was dark when the plane approached the airport. There was a certain feeling to approach an airport at low altitude, usually she only passed high above the clouds and could only look at the city through binoculars. And the plane was relatively slow too. She actually had time to look at the city lights. Sanna had always thought it was romantic to look at the city lights like this. It touched her on some dark hidden spot she didn't knew she had.
Sanna couldn't understand what it was that had made the CEO of PSA to call her. She had of course speculated the entire flight. But still she had no idea. It had at first seemed like a real honor to be called by someone that high up in the hiarchy, but now she wasn't sure. She had gone through every possible mistake she had made the past year. None of them seemed serious enough to have caught the eyes of any person so high. Just 10 minutes after she had gotten the written confirmation of the CEO's 'wish' to see her she had booked a flight. Of course she had given herself time to get accustomed to the city and adjust to full gravity. So now she had almost 2 full days to spend in a totally new city. The  first goal would of course be to find the hotel. She couldn't really understand how people found the hotels in the past, when they hadn't had the help of the LPS signature that always was printed on the hotel ticket. If you stayed at one of the more expensive hotels you often also got a LPS reader. The Local Positioning System reader always pointed in the direction of the hotel in question. 
Thanks to LPS she found the hotel easy. It was a nice little hotel, small rooms but then again weren't all hotel rooms small? Almost before the door had closed behind her she began to unbutton her uniform. She swore a little at the buttons. "Damn it! we've had zippers for centuries and they still use buttons!?". She also wondered a little about the rules concerning the uniform. She had to wear it when she flew, but on the ground she were allowed to put on whatever cloth she liked. Odd. But she suspected that it brought a few good things with it as well. For example she booked economy and flew business class. As she stood there half dressed the full impact of full gravity hit her. Sanna saw stars and felt her knees giving in to the much higher wight. Her last thought before she fainted on the bed was "Damn it! I knew this would happen!" it was quite normal to react to the gravity in that way. Not even the strongest of the spaceonouts made the transition from zero to full gravity without fainting. They never admitted that they fainted of course but everyone knew they did. This transition was a problem that only recently had been noticed. In the early days the astronauts or cosmonauts only spent a few weeks in space, or maybe a few months. These days you launched on graduation day and basically only came back on special occasions. It was not uncommon that spaceonauts died in space (and as a result were launched out into space as a form of burial)
Sanna woke by a gentle knock on the door.
-Are you alright mam? came a voice from the other side of the door.
-Quite fine thank you, just had a buisy day, Sanna replied with as strong voice as she could.
-Our sensors indicated that you had fainted so I came to investigate, you want anything? the voice did not seem to want to leave her alone. Quickly she adjusted the uniform and opened the door. There stood a young man in the hotel's uniform. He smiled as she opened but the smile seemed to freeze when he saw what kind of uniform she wore. Sanna came to his rescue and said
-Oh, I fainted, I just entered full gravity and I was a bit too quick to let the body adjust to it, now if you please I would like to rest a bit, she said and smiled.
-of, of of course mam,  the man stuttered. And quickly turned to leave. Sanna closed the door and this time she managed to get out of the uniform.

If you think I should finish this story, let me know!

This story was written in the late 90s and it is an example of my early writing. It does not have an ending, but the plot is actually still alive in my mind. The story sufferes a bit from being written by a young and inexperienced writer. I do plan to come back and finish this, and perhaps also edit it.