story cover

What is left of me

Catina is a girl in the last years in high school. Like everyone else she has a brain implant connected to a computer she always carry with her. The computer allows fast and near uninterrupted access to the vast information banks available on the network. Catina is much like every other teenager, not worrying about anything, since the computer does not let her brain ever worry about anything. One fateful day Catina survives a bus crash coming home from a school excursion. After the crash her computer starts to malfunction and Catina finds she is often left alone without the computer support she has come to rely on. She discovers the joy of solving problems herself. As part of her quest to solve problems herself she gets dragged into a government conspiracy to control people. She ends up as a fighter at a forefront of a revolution to free her own thoughts from governmental control.

Cover by Ryan Maddox